Unveil, a hardcore band located in Eastern Switzerland, is back with a brand new release called “A Flame With Nothing To Feed On”, which is the outfit’s first full-length effort. Not only does the band stick to its values and ideals, which work as driving forces behind the music, but it also widens its horizons through more complex and nuanced song structures. However, the power displayed on the previous releases, namely the highly impressive 3-track demo of 2009, as well as the two solid 7inches that followed, remains intact.
It’s no secret that Unveil keeps taking its cues from the fertile soil of the politically conscious 90’s metallic hardcore scene. That said, “A Flame With Nothing To Feed On” brings in new aesthetics, proving the band is always ready to push boundaries and doesn’t content itself with repeating a well-known formula.

Last but not least, Unveil is also comitted to keeping a clear message and having a zero tolerance policy towards any kinds of discrimination.

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